Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Birthday Dedication

My parents were able to be here for Analise's birthday weekend. My dad is a Minister so we decided to have Analise dedicated on her 1st birthday. It was great to have the whole family there to celebrate the day with us. Here are a few pics of Analise with my parents and some various other pics.


nan nan said...

shannon i love the pics now it is my turn to see her . she looks so tired from the party

Deann said...

She is just beyond cute!!! I can't quit looking at her! I just want to squeeze her!! How do you not just hold her and squeeze her all day long? (I know, she wouldn't let you, but still...)

Reba said...

What a neat idea...having her dedicated at such a special time. I look back on all four of our baby dedications (one being for our daughter at 2 1/2 after she came home from Guatemala) and have such special memories.

cameo said... You'll never believe this, but I ALMOST got Valentina that same Gymboree cupcake dress for HER first birthday/welcome home party!!!! How eerie is that? We're doing a baptism/blessing type of thing this summer at out house. Yes, I know, how hypocritical am I when I don't like religion for ME, but when it comes to my kid, well, better safe than sorry!

Jussy said...

So sweet Baby ..

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